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Suiden - a global corporation in expansion

After several years of successful expansion in South-east Asia, mainly concentrating on China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and Australia, we now have a secure sales base that is constantly growing. By having a close relationship with our customers and always implementing their needs and suggestions in our innovative process, we constantly able to stay competitive with superior products. Click here to read about our company's vision and goals!


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suiden spot coolers


Relieve the heat with a portable spot coolers from Suiden!

Suiden high-performance, energy-efficient spot coolers will make the hottest workplace endurable. Suitable for conveyor belt workplaces in large facilities. Models with swiveling ducts are also available. Learn more about Suiden Industrial Portable Spot Cooler Air Conditioners!

suiden yuso commercial vacuum cleaner


Cost-efficient forklift-mounted sweeper!

This revolutionizing, 100% mechanical sweeper will save you a lot of money while taking care of all your sweeping needs. It is extremely easy to use - just mount it onto a forklift and start sweeping. All the mechanical parts are driven by the power of the forklift, hence both purchasing price and running costs are significantly lower then that of fully automated sweepers. More on Mechanical Sweeper!

suiden vacuum cleaners



Industrial Vacuum cleaners for any job!

With over 150 models we can guarantee to help you with your needs. From commercial vacuum cleaners that will clean both dust, liquid and even oil, to vacuum cleaners equipped with super filters that filter out even the smallest microscopic particles. Explore the whole range of Suiden Industrial Vacuum cleaners!

suiden jet fans



Powerful multifunctional jet fans!

Having powerful exhaust fans in workplaces with toxic or dirty air, or just in hot places with stale air is very important for the well being of the people working there. Suiden Axial fans will keep your workplace freshly ventilated and safe from dangerous dust, gas, smoke and chemicals.

See all of our Axial and Centrifugal Jet Fans here!

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