Yuji Kawai

Our purpose as a company is to provide you with products that will improve your working environment and make your work easier.

It has been over 70 years since Suiden was founded in 1947. From then until now, our consistent goal has been to manufacture portable air conditioners, axial fans and other products that provide comfort and ease to working environments. We started with a simple fan designed to relieve the heat in factories during the hot summer months, and have since created a revolutionary product line to modernize today’s industrial workplace. A vacuum cleaner that even cleans cutting oil compact and space efficient dust collectors and a range of portable spot air conditioners are just a few of many examples.

Industrial Air Conditioning
As we enter a new era, we consider the next 50 years as a period in which we start anew, aiming at further progress. By constantly renewing ourselves and improving our innovative processes, we strive to offer you even better and safer products that will make your job as easy and comfortable as possible. Here at Suiden, we bring our utmost effort to work with us everyday to create a vital product line that nurtures human ingenuity, and that strives to meet our customers needs to be able to offer the best industrial air conditioning, ventilation and cooling products on the market today.

Yuji Kawai
Suiden Co., Ltd.


Company name SUIDEN CO., LTD.
President Yuji Kawai
Founded March, 1947
Established March, 1961
Description of business Manufacture and sale of electrical equipment
Capital 367.6million (From 1, April 1994)
Number of employees 187 (Average age: 38.7 years old)
Executive officers
(Includes operating officers)

Chief Executive Officer: Yuji Kawai
Director: Masahiko Nakamura
Director: Seiji Hirosaki
Director: Yuichi Kawai
Director: Yuta Kawai
Corporate Auditor: Hideki Matsuoka
Executive Officer: Kiyoshi Kotani
Executive Officer: Koichi Yasugi

HQ 2-4-24 Osaka, Tennoji-ku, Osaka, Japan 543-0062

Affiliated companies Taiwan Suiden Co., Ltd.
Dongguan Suiden Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.
Dongguan Suiden Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. Shanghai office
Suiden Okamoto Blower Co., Ltd.
Suiden (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Main banks MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
The Nanto Bank, Ltd.
The Senshu Ikeda Bank, Ltd.
Resona Bank, Limited
The Tottori Bank, Ltd.

Corporate history

March, 1947 Yuzo Kawai founded the company in Tennoji-ku in Osaka, Japan, and shortly thereafter introduced the first range of fan’s parts for household use in the Japanese market.
March, 1957 Due to increased demand the first factory was built in Ikuno in Osaka.
1958 Change of business, Suiden launched their first industrial fan.
March, 1961 The company was reorganized as limited company with 800,000yen in capital under the name Suidensha Co., Ltd
1961 The company acquired the patents in Japan and UK for industrial fan (Swing table)
1962 The company started to manufacture a safety guard for Sharp Corporation.
1964 The Nara factory was built in Sango, Nara prefecture, Japan.
1968 The Nara warehouse was built in Ikaruga, Nara prefecture, Japan
April, 1970 Tokyo branch was established
November, 1971 Suiden launched rooftop fan named arrow roof (acquired patents in Japan, UK, and US)
April, 1972 Osaka branch was established.
December, 1972 The company name was changed to Suiden
1972 Portable exhaust fan was developed and beginning sales
February, 1973 Fukuoka branch was established.
1976 Suiden launched foot heating ‘Ashi Poka’
January, 1980 Nagoya branch was established.
August, 1980 Toyama branch was established.
1980 Hiroshima branch was established.
1980 Suiden launch their first industrial vacuum cleaner
March, 1981 Takamatsu branch was established.
July, 1981 Sendai branch was established.
August, 1981 Okayama branch was established.
December, 1982 The company headquarter building was built in central Osaka
December, 1984 Ryomo branch was established.
1984 Suiden launched Root top fan.
January, 1985 Atsugi branch was established.
1985 Shizuoka branch was established.
1985 Niigata branch was established.
February, 1987 Kyoto product distribution center and Kyoto branch were established in Fushimi, Kyoto prefecture, Japan.
1987 Suiden launched hot air dryer
May, 1988 Taiwan Suiden Co., Ltd was established to promote the international division of labor.
1989 Taiwan Suiden Co., Ltd, Taiwan factory was established.
October, 1990 The Tottori factory was established in Kitamura, Tottori city.
November, 1990 ‘Suiden Sanki Service Co., Ltd’ was established to improve the supply of the repair parts.
1990 Suiden acquired the patent for Almighty vacuum cleaner in several countries in Europe and US.
February, 1992 Suiden launched their first industrial spot cooler.
July, 1994 Suiden launched ‘Gum toru’
November, 1994 Suiden launched ‘Moku toru’
May, 1997 Suiden launched forklift vacuum cleaner ‘Yuso’
March, 1998 Osaka branch and Kyoto branch were merged.
October, 1998 Suiden merged Nishiwaki Co,. Ltd.
April, 1999 HQ was moved to Nara factory. Nigata branch, Ryomo branch, Atsugi branch and Okayama branch became non-store operation.
May, 1999 The Tottori factory acquired ISO9001
April, 2002 Yuzo Kawai became chairperson and chief executive officer. Yuji Kawai became president and chief executive officer.
2002 Dongguan Suiden Co., Ltd. started OEM for industrial fan.
2002 Suiden launched portable exhaust fan ‘Suku Suku fan’
January, 2003 Kitakantou branch (North region branch) was established.
April, 2003 Taiwan Suiden Co., Ltd. was established
October, 2003 Nishiwaki Co., Ltd. was merged into Suiden Co., Ltd.
March, 2004 ‘Dongguan Suiden Co., Ltd.’ was newly established as the main manufacturing factory in China.
2004 Okawamoto blower Co., Ltd. was merged into Suiden and changed their name into Suiden Okamoto blower.
2005 Dongguan Suiden Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd, Dongguan factory was established.
April, 2006 Nara branch was merged with Osaka branch.
June, 2006 Dongguan Suiden Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. Shanhai branch was established.
August, 2007 The Tottori factory acquired ISO 14001.
October, 2007 Suiden’s Mascot ‘Hanemu chan’ was born .
December, 2007 Dongguan Suiden Electrical Appliance acquired ISO 140001.
2007 Suiden launched low noise portable exhaust fan.
2012 Suiden launched electric fence.
March, 2014 HQ function was moved to Osaka HQ building.
August, 2015 Suiden (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established in Bangkok Thailand.
October, 2015 Nihon Inverter Co., Ltd. was merged into Suiden Co., Ltd.
2015 Suiden launched infrared heater


HQ・Domestic branches


2-4-24 Osaka, Tennoji-ku, Osaka MAP

■Administration division: General affairs・Finance department・Information system group
 TEL / 06-6772-0460 FAX / 06-6772-9222

■Sales division
 TEL / 06-6772-8666 FAX / 06-6772-9898

■Corporate planing division: Corporate planing department・Product plaing department
*For corporate planing division
〒636-0801 3-26 Yuhigaoka,Sango cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara.
TEL 0745-73-2851 FAX 0745-31-1887

Domestic sales branches

Tokyo branch 〒121-0064
4-13-13 Hokima, Adachi-Ku, Tokyo MAP
Osaka branch 〒543-0062
2-4-24 Osaka, Tennoji-ku, Osaka MAP
Nagoya branch 〒467-0856
15-11 Shinkai-cho, Mizuho-ku Nagoya MAP
Fukuoka branch 〒812-0016
5-6-19 Hakataeki – minami, Hakata-ku Fukuoka MAP
Sendai office 〒984-0038
28 Higashi dori, Izai, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai MAP
Kitakanto office 〒379-2311
3681 Azami Kasatake-cho, Midori-city, Gunma MAP
Shizuoka office 〒422-8041
4-1-26-2 Nakada Suruga-ku, Shizuoka MAP
Toyama office 〒930-0992
206-1 Shinjo-cho, Toyama city MAP
Hiroshima office 〒733-0002
105 Daisan wakamiya building 1-16-4 Kusunoki cho, nishi-ku, Hiroshima city MAP
Takamatsu office 〒761-0113
2492-1 Yashima nishi-cho, Takamatsu-city, Kagawa MAP
Nedius sales division 〒121-0064
4-13-13 Hogima Adachi-ku Tokyo MAP
Agricultural division 〒636-0801
3-26 Yuhigaoka,Sango cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara MAP
China sales division 〒543-0062
2-4-24 Osaka, Tennoji-ku, Osaka MAP
Overseas sales division 〒543-0062
2-4-24 Osaka, Tennoji-ku, Osaka MAP

Overseas sales office

Dongguan Suiden Co., Ltd.
Shanghai branch
Postal code:200235
UnitD 7/F Zhaofeng Universe Building ,1800 West Zhongshan Rd Xuhui District MAP

Domestic factory

Nara office

3-26 Yuhigaoka, Sango cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara MAP
■Production center
 ●Nara factory
 ●Engineering management
 ●Manufacturing management

■Corporate planning division
 ●Production development department
 ●Product planning department

Tottori factory 〒680-1172
92 Kita mura, Tottori-city MAP
Kyoto products distribution center 〒612-8244
142 Senryoumatsu-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto. MAP
Nara warehouse 〒636-0154
3-15-21 Tatsuta nishi, Ikaruga-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara MAP

Overseas factory・Office

TEL / (886) 6-266-0310 FAX / ( 886 )6-266-0294
Dongguan Suiden
Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.
TEL / (86)-769-887038880 FAX / (86)-769-88703885
Suiden (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Postal code: 10250
22/52 H-Cape Biz Sector, Sukhahiban 2 Rd, Prawet, Sub-district, Prawet District, Bangkok
TEL / (66)-2041-1919 FAX / (66)-2041-1922

Domestic Group

Suiden Okamoto Blower Co., Ltd.

■Sales division
4-13-13 Hogima, Adachi-ku, Tokyo MAP

■Gyoda factory
12 Fujiwara cho 1 choume, Gyoda city, Saitama MAP