Product line-up

We are a pioneer manufacturer for such environmental improvement equipment as industrial fan, spot cooler, vacuum cleaner, portable fan, office products, and even agricultural products.
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Product category list

For factory and warehouse

Industrial Fan

Our industrial fans equipped with all air tight motor. We have various types of industrial fans such as stand type and wall type.

Industrial Spot Cooler

We manufacture variety of industrial spot coolers, one cool air duct type, two cool air ducts type and three cool air ducts type, to meet your demands.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

We manufacture various industrial vacuum cleaners for factory, shop, office and even for clean room and they received high praise from different industries. 


Our sweepers can clean such wide area as school ground, parking space and warehouse in a short time with a minimal of labor.

Portable Exhaust Fan

We manufacture various portable fans to meet the needs of our customers. For example, low noise and low energy consumption model is SJF-L series and high performance but affordable model is SJF-RS series.

Large Portable Exhaust Fan (Angle of elevation adjustable)

Large portable exhaust fan with elevation angle adjustable function. It gives you the freedom to direct the airflow in the direction you require.

Dust Collector

Suiden dust collectors have powerful suction capability and equipped with high performance filter.
Our product line-up for dust collector includes small sized dust collector and portable duct collector as well.

Wall type Ventilation Fan

Our wall type ventilation fans are suitable for various work places such as factory, meeting place and shopping store, capable of ventilating air and gas from such large sized places.

Rooftop Ventilation Fan

Our rooftop ventilation fans are capable of ventilating hot air from ceiling effectively. The product line-ups are varied, standard model, low-noised model, wind pressure shutter model, corrosion protection model, and natural ventilation model.

Hot Air Dryer

We manufacture various hot air dryers including large model and some of them are inverter control models. 

Agricultural products

Hose Crimpers and Clamps

These are effective crimpers and clamps for Suiden products.  A very easy way to attach fittings to hoses.

Greenhouse Air Circulation Jet Fan

This highly effective Suiden air circulation fan keeps the air in constant circulation. By doing so it evens out and prevents clusterings of hot stagnant air, and lowers the overall air temperature in the green house or other facility.