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Heavy Duty Dust Collectors for a Safer Work Place
Working in in environments where high concentrations of dust is constantly dispersed into the air is proven to contribute to developing many lung and respiratory illnesses. This include work processes that involve drilling, sawing, grinding, flour and cement factories and warehouses. Suiden´s dust collectors are perfect for improving the work environment in such work places, removing the harmful dust directly at the source, which will improve the health of your workers and decrease the risk of accidents.

Dust Collector with Space-Efficient Design
With the top part shaped as a “+” sign, the suction ducts can be connected to one or several of the upwards facing connection corners. With the ducts pointing upwards instead of sticking out from the side, these units take up much less space and is easier to place close to other objects or walls that normal dust collectors.

Dust Shaking Lever System
Easily ensure excellent performance by regularly removing the dust that accumulates on the filters. This is done very easily by just pulling the lever on the side back and forth a couple of times. The Cartridge-type filters also make maintenance and replacement extremely easy.

Quiet design
Get all the benefits of powerful dust collectors, but without the high noise level. Suiden dust collectors apply a special low noise design, making operation more pleasant.

Where Suiden´s Dust Collectors are needed
– In work processes involving sawing, drilling and grinding
– In places that handle flour, cement or other powders
– In places with dust that is harmful to the health
– In manufacturing processes sensitive to dust particles
– Where visibility is obstructed by dust, leading to accidents

Please also check out our Suiden Dust Collector Accessories Suiden Dust Collector Accessories. You can also increase the suction power by attaching a Dust Collector Cyclone Dust Collector Cyclone.

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