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G-Clean Almighty model




Powerful and versatile
Solve all your vacuuming needs with just one vacuum cleaner. The powerful Suiden vacuum cleaners in the almighty series are not only great at cleaning dust and powder, but also liquids and even oils.

Automatic stop when tank is full
Suiden almighty vacuum cleaners are fully equipped with a stop function for when the tank is full of liquids, so you never have to worry about the liquids reaching the filter.

Fully moist-protected filter
If the filter becomes wet, it becomes useless. In Suiden Almighty models the filter is protected by a stainless steel cylinder. A thick mist filter is also attached to the bottom, stopping any liquid rising in form of mist during vacuuming.

Extremely easy filter cleaning
Just open the top and turn the lever to remove the accumulated dust and power from the surface of the filter.


Great power for the most demanding jobs!
With a maximum vacuum pressure of 30kPa, Suiden G-series vacuum cleaners handles any dust, liquid or oil.

Filter maintenance has never been easier
With the G-clean series unique design you can access the filter for cleaning or change in just a few seconds.

Easily change to dry G-clean series
If you only will clean dry dust and powder, glass dust or static dust, you can easily change to our DP-filter, DR-filter or DS-filter.

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