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G-Clean Dry Powder Type




Four specialized filters to meet every need
With Suiden G-clean series, you can customize your vacuum to suit your needs perfectly by combining 3 different unit sizes with 4 different kinds of filter, giving you a total option of 12 distinct options. The filter is easily accessed from the top, so you can use just one unit and change the filter depending on the task at hand.
The dry type models are presented further down on this page.

The 3 Dry Type Filters

The DP-filter:
Filters out even the finest dust

For general purpose, or if your commercial vacuum cleaning tasks mainly consist of cleaning fine dust or powder, we recommend you to use a model with the powerful DP-filter. It stops dust and powder particles down to 2 microns, so you can feel assured that you are leaving the cleaned room completely dust free.
This filter is found in the following models:
– SGV-110DP, SGV-110DPL, SGV-110DP-PC

The DR-filter:
Safely handle harmful dust from paper, FRP or glass
The Suiden DR-filter, made from sintered resin, is the best choice for keeping areas clean from paper dust, FRP (Fibre-reinforced plastic) dust, glass dust and other kinds of harmful dust. This filter rids your facility of dust particles down to 3 microns, preventing harmful particles from spreading into the air.
This filter is found in the following models:
– SGV-110DR, SGV-110DRL, SGV-110DR-PC

The DS-filter:
Tackles otherwise troublesome static dust

When vacuuming static dust and objects, debris can stick to, and eventually clog the filter. Suiden DS-filter, made of a nonwoven fabric, contains fibers that neutralize static electricity that causes these clogs so that dust can easily fall down from the filter.
This filter is found in the following commercial vacuum cleaning models:
– SGV-110DS, SGV-110DSL, SGV-110DS-PC

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