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High-power cleaner




One vacuum cleaner for all your needs!
Solve all your vacuuming needs with just one vacuum cleaner. The powerful Suiden vacuum cleaners in the almighty series are not only great at cleaning dust and powder, but also liquids and even oils.

Super easy dust disposal
With Suiden’s unique EZ-dust barrel system, disposing of even heavy content like oil becomes a breeze. Just pull a lever to separate the dust tank from the main unit. A damping mechanism makes sure that the tank is lowered smoothly, even if it is full. The dust tank is equiped with casters so it easily can be pushed to the disposal place, and with an ergonomic handle with which you easily can lift up and dispose of the content. The tank is later just as easily reattached.

Powerful and versatile
With a powerful suction capacity of max. 28.0kPa (SV-S3303EG) and a hose diameter of 50mm, these Suiden vacuum cleaners can easily clean liquids, oil.

Quiet design
The high-power vacuum cleaners have a special design that blocks in the loud noise, and produces a gentle and mellow sound instead.

Can be equiped with plastic trash bag
You can choose to load the vacuum cleaner with a plastic trash bag for easier disposal or you can use the tank as it is.

Very easy filter cleaning
Turn the lever to engage the mechanism that shakes off the dust stuck to the filters, preventing decreasing performance.

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