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Pneumatic Vacuum Cleaner




Clean dry dust as well as liquids
Suiden wet and dry type vacuum cleaners can all be used to cleaning both dry dust and powder as well as liquids. Using these vacuum cleaners you will not need several cleaning appliances, saving you both time and money.

Compressed air powered – No electricity needed!
Just connect the vacuum cleaner to any air pipe of the air compressor system at your factory and start cleaning.

Extreme durability thanks to no moving parts
Experience less failiure and easy maintenance due to no moving parts that can wear and tear. This pneumatic vacuum cleaner from Suiden will last you for a very long time, making it a good and price worthy investment.

Quiet operation
Work in a low noise environment with this quiet pneumatic vacuum cleaner that only produces 73dB.

Large capacity tank
The easy to use pail tank can room 14.5L of liquid or 16L dust and powder.

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