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Portable Exhaust Fan L-Series


SJF-200L-1/ SJF-200L-2/ SJF-250L-1/ SJF-250L-2/ SJF-300L-1/ SJF-300L-2/ SJF-300L-3


Low power consumption
Here at Suiden we are dedicated to constantly making our products more cost efficient. In these models we have managed to reduce the power consumption with up to 44.7% compared previous models.

High power in combination with low operating costs and sturdy, long lasting design gives you value for your money. All fans can be used both as exhaust fans and blowers.

Low noise
The bell-shaped mouth provides a stable airflow and low noise levels.

Suiden jet fans (Except for SJF-300L-3) are equipped with state of the art overheat prevention devices, guaranteeing safe operation.


Jet fans are used in locations where there is a need to disperse fumes or gases, ventilate confined spaces, or to cool workers or machinery working in high temperature environments with a strong air flow.

Jet fans can be useful in a broad range of areas like in factories, warehouses, refineries, chemical plants, metal foundries, just to mention a few.


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