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Roof Fan with Inside Shutter





Air pressure controlled rain shutters
These Suiden roof fans are equipped with inner fan shutters that automatically close when the ventilation fan stops working. This ensures that no rain or wind can get in when the fan is not in operation.

Ultra-light corrosion resistant FRP dome
The dome made of corrosion resistant FRP material is ideal for protecting the ventilation fan from wind and rain that it is exposed to on the rooftop. The dome is also very light and durable, and can withstand strong wind.

Low noise fan shape
Suiden rooftop ventilation fans are designed with bell mouthed shape to prevent them from producing “BB” noise due to vibration of the fan air inlet mouth.


Suiden rooftop ventilation fans with built-in rain shutters are suitable for ventilation of large facilities in rainy and stormy areas:
– Warehouse ventilation
– Factory ventilation etc.

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