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Standard Wall Fan





State-of-the-art ventilation technology
With Suiden pressure wall fans you can ventilate large as well as small facilities, and they are very effective against gases that are usually difficult to ventilate.

Large variety of pressure fan sizes
Depending on your needs you can choose the size of the pressure wall fans. Fans in the standard series are available in a wide range of sizes, all the way from mere 25cm fans for smaller spaces, up until 90cm large powerful fans for larger facilities with tough ventilation needs.

Fan accessories available
Suiden pressure wall fans can be further equipped with fan shutters, protective screen covers and outside air port (Sold separately).

Low noise design


Suiden wall-type pressure ventilation fans can be used for discharge of gases or just plain ventilation. Suitable for factories, warehouses, plants, construction sites, public facilities and larger stores, just to mention a few.

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