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The Metal Chip Cleaner


SPSV-110-8A / SPSV-110L-8A


Clean dry dust, liquids and even metal chips!
With the Suiden Metal Chip vacuum cleaner you get the same superior dust and liquid cleaning ability as in our other models, with the added feature of being able to clean metal chips. This vacuum cleaner will be invaluable in any workshop or factory where proper cleaning of metal dust or metal chips is necessary.

Handles even metal chips and dust mixed with oil
The metal chip vacuum cleaner is equipped with a special filter that can filter out oil if it is mixed with the metal chips and dust, preventing harmful particles from being blown out into the air.

Water washable filter and stainless steel tank
Since you can clean both the stainless steel tank and the filter with water you can safely use the Metal Chip Cleaner in places with strict requirements on food and sanitation.

Safe anti-tipping design
The tank is places on a larger stand with caster wheels wide apart, making the vacuum cleaner very stable and almost impossible to tip over.

Very compact and light
The Metal Chip Cleaner has a compact slim and tall design and weighs only 14kg, making it very easy to use and storage. The light design, however, does not compromise its power, having a vacuum pressure of 23kPa.

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