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Two Ducts Spot Cooler




Low power consumption
This model only uses 1900W, giving it a very low operational cost.

Low noise design.
New technology gives premium performance with very low noise. 2dB lower than the previous model.

Mini-drain tank.
Thanks to new technology, we can minimize the amount of condensed water forming during operation, making it sufficient with a 8-liter drain tank.

Very space efficient.
This mobile air conditioner can be placed directly against the wall on three sides, making it suitable for even the most cramped work places.

Automatic swing (Only SS-40DG-8B)
Helps cooling a larger area and creates a more pleasant and smooth temperature transition.

Easy to move.
Equipped with casters and caster stoppers for easy movement and safety during operation.


Perfect for assembly lines and other stationary work places.

Good for large facilities that are not cost efficient to cool. With Suiden spot cooler, like the name implies, you can cool down just one specific spot.

Product spec


Mini-Drain tank

The drain tank is designed to be integrated to the heat exchanger.

Reduced condensed water drastically.

With the translucent drain tank, you can confirm the condensed water level easily.


 Correspond to outdoor exhaust

Exhaust extension air duct is needed and its optional.

Drainage function

Remove the drain tank and attach a hose into the outlet for direct drainage.

Prepare yourself a hose, which inner diameter is 16mm.